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They say you can only manage what you measure. Now measuring has never been easier. Link your accounts to Hiatus and instantly get a clear view of what you have and what you owe.

Super intuitive way to track my largest expenses.
— Landon from Boston, MA


It's unrealistic to think you will routinely analyze the rates on your mortgage, student debt, insurance, savings and utilities. That's where we step in and help prevent you from paying uncompetitive rates.

Because I don’t have time to constantly check for better rates.
— Alex from Washington, DC
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Trusted by more than half a million people.

As one of the country’s largest consumer fintech companies, we are particularly serious about your privacy and data security. In addition to using 128-bit encryption we subscribe to the most rigorous employee security procedures.


How does it work?

Three main ingredients: behavioral design to help simplify things; machine intelligence to predict the right financial tool; and innovative partnerships that give you access to competitive rates.



Securely link your financial accounts to the Hiatus dashboard



Hiatus analyzes your finances and monitors for unfair rates



Get contextual advice that’s not only personalized but actionable


Our Story

Hiatus’ story begins in 2016, when its founders, David and Todd, solved a longstanding consumer finance problem — paying for unwanted subscriptions. Since then, Hiatus has analyzed billions of dollars of transactions and has identified new ways to help people save money. Through a combination of machine intelligence, behavioral design, and strong partnerships, Hiatus is bringing personalized financial insights to the masses.

Hiatus now employs over 25 people between offices in New York and Charlotte, NC. Our team’s mission is to help underserved Americans make meaningful financial progress.


Companies rely on consumers having imperfect information. Hiatus is leveling the field by providing consumers with not only transparency, but also actionable advice that directly benefits people's financial health.


Dr. Oren Bar-Gill

Professor @ Harvard University

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